Create Facebook avatar link is more like a button found in the menu of the Facebook application. This link can easily be accessed by anyone the Facebook avatars have been rolled out to. If you are new to the Facebook avatars, then there is a lot you need to learn. I have more articles about the Facebook avatar on my blog. I hope you read them and get to know what Facebook avatars really how. Now, not everyone knows where to find the Facebook avatar link on the Facebook platform, this is one of the main reasons why I wanted to write about this article. I really liked giving tutorials to people who are lost or don’t know how to go about doing something.

Create Facebook Avatar Link

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Create Facebook Avatar Link

The Facebook avatar link is very easy to access. I would be showing you the right steps to access the Facebook avatar link later on in this article. This link can be accessed from the Facebook application or the Facebook messenger application. Before you begin, you must update your Facebook applications to the latest version. This update can be carried on the google play store or the app store on iOS devices.

Facebook Avatar

We’ve been saying a lot about the Facebook avatar link but what really is the Facebook avatar. Well, fakebook avatar is Facebook’s answer to bitmoji. The Facebook avatar is very similar to the Snapchat’s bitmoji and apple’s memoji. Facebook avatars can be used in different stickers and reactions to show your expressions. One of the reasons Facebook avatars were released was to improve the expression of emotions on the platform.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

What is the Facebook avatar creator app? There is no special application to create avatars on Facebook. The Facebook avatar creator application is the original Facebook application or the Facebook messenger application. Like I said before, it must be the updated version of the Facebook application. This app can be downloaded from the google play store or iOS app store. This app doesn’t take much more time to download.

How to Create Facebook Avatar on Facebook

Facebook avatars can easily be created on the Facebook mobile application by following the steps below;

  • Open the Facebook application on your device.
  • Hit the menu icon at the upper right corner of the page.
  • Scroll down to where you see the “See More” option and click on it.
  • From the see more option, click on the “Avatar” link.
  • You would now be provided with options to create your own Facebook avatar. All you have to do from here onwards is to use the options provided to customize your Facebook avatar.

There is a mirror icon at the upper right corner of the page where you can view your avatar. If you still think your avatar doesn’t look like you, you should try it out with different stickers and reactions.

How to Create Facebook Avatar on Facebook Messenger

Creating Facebook avatars on Facebook messenger is pretty easy. Follow the steps below to create your own Facebook avatar using Facebook messenger.

  • Find the Facebook messenger icon on your device app drawer and click on it to launch it.
  • Open a conversation from the Facebook messenger application.
  • Hit the sticker icon from the input section on Facebook messenger.
  • Click on “Make Your Avatar” from the new option.
  • You would now be taken to the Facebook avatar page.

Use the options you see to make your own avatar on Facebook. After making your avatar, you can now try it out in different reactions or stickers.

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